Business, boldness, and fashion have been ingrained in my DNA since childhood, much to the credit of my inspiring grandparents, James A. and Queen Esther Whittier. Granddad owned a thriving construction business despite it being a time when racial tensions were the norm. While Grandma had the ability to captivate the room from the moment she entered it, with her curves, bold fashion sense, and soulful demeanor.

My eye for fashion and style came natural as I witnessed the strength and beauty perfectly modeled by my grandparents. As a child, I was bashful, but my love for dressing up and captivating crowds, as my grandma did, with my signature "Whittier" eyes allowed me to overcome that. Through that strength, I followed my passion and created Alpha Queen Boutique. Honoring my grandparents, it references their names and embodies their character.

Alpha Queen Boutique is the epitome of bold, confidence, and style. The ALPHA is strong and thrives, while the QUEEN is beautiful and commands the room simply by entering it. Alpha Queen Boutique was created for bold women and men looking for a unique style that is not found everywhere. For curvy women who have a difficult time finding clothes that truly fit and strong men who prefer to look as confident as they feel, but find it difficult to find clothes that fit their personality. Alpha Queen Boutique embraces and thrives in the categories that other brands neglect.

We are true trendsetters - buying and creating the best products that are unique to YOU. My natural fashion instincts, consistent trend research, years of fashion merchandising, and over 10 years of experience in retail have equipped me with the tools to be YOUR personal shopper and stylist. As a retail store leader, I excel at cultivating styles and building wardrobes for customers. I don’t play dress up -- I create LOOKS that leave a lasting impression.

Alpha Queen Boutique - Be Bold - Be Confident - Be Proud -