ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please review product descriptions prior to selecting desired size or style before purchasing. We do not refund for shipping cost or offer an exchange policy. All sales will be final and all additional fees that are issued on top of the product price such as (shipping, taxes, etc..)will not be refunded in any condition. No refunds/exchanges of any sort after 30 days.

Store credit can be issued in some circumstances such as (damaged items received, wrong size ordered). Store credit will be issued only in those circumstances for the same amount paid on original item(s). Customers are required to submit ticket for review. Clearance items can not be returned or exchanged (any condition). We will not refund for shipping cost or any other fees that are accumulated on top of original item(s) cost.

If there are any damages to item(s) upon receiving merchandise. please submit a ticket to alphaqueenboutique@gmail.com for review.